APURE the Association for the Development of Regions has been operating since 2004 and implements projects aimed at strengthening regional identity, cultivating tradition, historical and cultural legacy of European regions. It was established by a group of people active in the economic and social sphere, and its aim is to revive rural communities and small towns in the spirit of European integration. The Association conducts an exchange of experience with institutions and public organizations, cooperating primarily with local governments at the level of municipalities, small towns and counties, at home and abroad, mainly in France, Germany, Italy, and Hungary.

APURE the Association for the Development of Regions

  • It organizes and co-organizes lectures, seminars, exhibitions and conferences on the issues of the European Community.

  • It conducts information and promotional activities, joins in the preparation of trade fairs, competitions and discussion panels.

  • It undertakes training and educational activities for the dissemination of the common cultural roots of European society.

  • It cares for the development of national and regional cultures, saving them from the unification of global culture. It eliminates disproportions in civilizational, scientific, economic, informational and political development.

  • It creates a climate of tolerance and respect for cultural differences between the subcultures of Europe.

  • It shapes and disseminates pro-European attitudes through participation in EU projects.

  • It creates opportunities for the inhabitants of the region to participate in EU undertakings.

  • It cooperates with model companies and agritourism farms, enabling them to establish domestic and international business contacts and supports the promotion of native products and services.

  • It organizes the cooperation of scientific and didactic institutions with economic entities, e.g. between the University College of Tourism and Ecology in Sucha Beskidzka and local small and medium enterprises of various industries.


APURE the Association for the Development of Regions – Member States:

France, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Reunion Island, Canada, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

President: Alicja Szewczyk

Vice-president: Marcin Młynarczyk, Piotr Fast